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Monday, September 19, 2005

Football football football (and also deep boring life stuff)

So I spent 12 hours at Ken's today watching TV. That's about ten hours of football (three games--Panthers beat the Patriots, hooray; Seahawks managed not to lose to Atlanta after going up 21-0, huzzah; Chiefs beat the Raiders, yay), 1.5 hours of animated Fox shows, and 30 minutes of flipping between awesome junk like The Surreal Life, ESPN highlights, Dirty Jobs, and nature programs. It was at once very satisfying and very malaise-inducing: satisfying because, after a week of working and drinking and everything, it's nice to have a day of absolutely nothing (those Sabbath-holders knew what they were doing, though I don't see how watching TV all day doesn't qualify as "rest," but that's the kind of inflexibility that happens when you get tied down to millennia-old belief systems and start acting like they're the Word of God or something); malaise-inducing because I've been on hiatus with my writing lately and really don't intend to work at a UPS store and just generally hang around Moscow for the rest of my life.

I can think of worse lives than drinking lots of beer and hitting on girls and never waking up before noon except to watch football despite working 30 hours a week, granted, but I have a hard time staying in maintenance mode. As in, just doing what's necessary to keep myself alive, then hanging out as soon as I've done all my homework (back when I had homework; those were the days) or made the day's money or, back when I was graduated and unemployed, watching HBO, eating when I got hungry, and remembering to brush my teeth before bed. It's fun for a while, but eventually I get really, really restless. As in, start-a-new-book or move-to-a-new-city restless.

Which probably simply has to do with finding a balance between keeping yourself alive, wasting time in fun ways, and creating things that seem meaningful, if only to yourself and possibly the last girl you impressed by talking about how you're an artist/craftsman/social activist/etc.

My latest ambition, then, is to write movie reviews for the local paper(s), or possibly for somewhere on the web that is worldwide. The newspaper thing, bizarrely enough, should theoretically be extremely possible for me: English major from NYU, long, half-assed background in journalism including two jobs with a paper, and oh yeah, my newspaper editor dad is old friends with the editor of the locals here. Plus I'm a decent critic and, I think, have a style that appeals to younger people, which is what newspapers everywhere are looking for, particularly those that exist in a region that is something like 33% 18-22-year-olds. All it would take to give it a shot is putting together a few reviews and sending them over to see what they think. It wouldn't take more than a few hours of watching movies and writing about them.

I get the laziness something fierce, though. Like I watched The 40 Year Old Virgin last week, and while I know exactly what I want to say about it (cliched here and there, but consistently funny and surprisingly deep for a movie like that), actually sitting down and writing a structured piece expressing those thoughts is like waaaay hard. I've actually got the start of a review open in the background here, where it's been sitting unchanged for the last few days, but I know I need to delete it and rephrase those thoughts already because they ain't exactly newspaper material yet. It was pretty easy when I was writing reviews of books or movies or both for the ol' high school paper, but back then I was doing it every 2-3 weeks and got into a rhythm. It's been forever since I wrote a review that wasn't for a personal website, though. And getting more structured is always hard, because entropy's a bitch.

All right, fuck this. I'm going to go work on that review a while. Cause I might be the ant of destiny, baby, but immortality-through-Hollywood-movie-reviews requires actually writing those reviews.


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