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Thursday, September 15, 2005

How drinking lots of beer saved my life

It's true. Went over to Ken's last night to play some $5 poker and beer pong and after a few tubs of beer I was in that glorious state where I wasn't slobbering and reeling but certainly wasn't competent to drive. End result, I ended up sleeping on Ken's couch till I woke up around 9 AM (a scant 5 hours of sleep), when I drove back home to nap, take a shower, and come into work. But when I pulled into my driveway (as much as you can call a nearly vertical patch of gravel in front of the trailer a "driveway"), a woman informed me they were repaving the road up to the house, and if I was going to go anywhere else that day, I needed to park at the bottom of the hill.

So you see, if I'd gone home and slept till noon or so as per usual, when I went out to go to work I'd have found myself playing chicken with a dump truck full of asphalt, and one torn-to-shit street to try to navigate down. And that's assuming I even made it past the traffic cone-wielding construction workers.

I'd have been stuck, then, and have to walk the 1.5-2 miles in to work (a stretch I used to pull all the time in pedestrian-happy New York, but which just seems ludicrous out here in the rest of the world), making me a solid half hour late. Needless to say I'd be fired and then starve to death under the awnings of the Kibbie Dome. But instead, I had free access to my car and the road out, and even made it in to work a few minutes early.

All because of a little friend named beer.


At 8:10 PM, Blogger RhysDavid said...

Serendipity. or something. I'm sure thats either spelled wrong, or used wrong.
But thats an awesome story! I think partying with friends on a regular basis is good for one's sanity.

That story reminds me of the one Cords and I told you. But instead of being saved by booze, we were nearly caught trespassing and doing drugs by a nosy cop . . . I guess there isn't any similarity, oh well.


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