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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Oh my god I got stiff-armed!

That's right, I was pretty drunk, but I was hopping around Valhallas down in Pullman, and when I made a fairly innocuous "do you want to dance" move towards this tall blonde girl, who wasn't even extremely hot or whatnot, just a girl who was there, she literally planted a palm in my face and pushed me back!

About half an hour later in the car I thought it would be pretty funny if I'd punched her in the face instead of just knocking her stupid arm away, but in retrospect, it probably wouldn't have been that funny to get the hell beat out of me by a bouncer. Also I'd probably feel kind of bad later for punching a girl in the middle of a dance floor on 80's Night, even if she was being a fucking swine.

I'll have my revenge, though. I'll write about it in a book some day! Then what will she do.

She'll cry, that's what. And I'll be all, "Well, you shouldn't have stiff-armed me, you crazy idiot." That will make all the self-doubting mulling-over of this I'm bound to do all worthwhile.


At 3:40 AM, Anonymous cricket said...

oh snap! you got knocked the fuck out!
all kidding aside, those pullman bitches are just that...bitches. i think it's kinda funny that she was being all ghetto (well, ghetto for a white bitch) at 80's night. what a stupid cow.

At 4:58 PM, Blogger RhysDavid said...

So she put her hand on your face to push you away? Thats crazy! At least Wayne Brady didn't have to choke a bitch.

How does Pullman's nightlife compare to Moscow's. Seemed like nothing but bars and gas stations when I was there.

At 9:32 PM, Anonymous cricket said...

it still is, but at least we're friendly and not total bitches. i don't really like going to pullman, although ken says that 80's night is really fun. i might try it out at some point.

At 3:40 AM, Blogger Ed said...

'80s Night is really fun. The time we went before was a blast, and the half hour or so we spent there this Saturday was fun too, with the exception of the part where I mauled by a crazy ho. I almost wish Wayne Brady HAD choked a bitch, but like I said in my more sober revision of the night's events, the inevitable bouncer-beating wouldn't really have been worth it.

I don't know a whole lot about Pullman's nightlife except there are only a handful of bars with massive lines, but we went party hopping prior to that (a fun but generally bad idea) and stumbled in and out of, let's see, 4 different house parties within a couple blocks of each other. Going from a party of 15-20 people doing kegstands while somebody's extremely smashed dad keeps muttering something about fucking him in the ass to a semi-rave with 50-60 people all writing on each other in highlighter is kinda cool, though I'd certainly find them unbearably lame without the blessed intervention of many ounces of Olde E.

In summary, it can be pretty damn fun over in Pullman, but it can also turn into a scene from a Fellini movie without warning. So I think I prefer the generally cooler and less weird/contrived atmosphere over here in Moscow.


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