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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Unpackin' my bags

I'm back from Aruba. In response to everyone who asked me how it went, no, I wasn't abducted. People don't really get abducted in Aruba. It's actually got a great economy. The fact one girl was kidnapped ever doesn't suddenly mean everyone on the island is stuffing everyone with blonde hair into the trunks of their tiny, tiny Dutch automobiles.

On the two-day trip back (I'm not sure what's worse, taking a redeye through three airports and sleeping 15 hours the next day, or having to fly halfway back one day and halfway back on a second day) I read two novels by Kazuo Ishiguro. One of them was Remains of the Day, the one made into a movie in 1993 with Anthony Hopkins about the uber butler, and the other one was the one just published this year, what was it called, Never Let Me Go. Both of them were quite awesome. The especially impressive thing about the butler one was it's essentially just melodrama, like the underlying plot is the cheapest of sad romance novels, but it makes so much of that between kickass writing and tone. Then Never Let Me Go fucking rocked because it was 85% literary and 15% sci-fi, yet it couldn't exist without the sci-fi part. Books that mash up genres and take the best from each are probably the greatest books in the world.

Unfortunately, both of them were serious downers. Like, after reading those books, all you want to do is brood. Like not in any seriously depressed way, but you read Remains of the Day and really the ideal response is to turn off the lights and sit in a chair with the TV and radio off and just sip on some scotch and stay up way past your bedtime. Because that isn't right.

Aruba was fun, though. So at least there was that.